Natural Adaptability: New Venetian Gold Granite

There are few materials as visually and functionally versatile as  New Venetian Gold granite. This granite features neutral but striking colors, is available in both slabs and tiles for a variety of applications, and is perfect for locations from residential to commercial, interior to exterior, floors to countertops to backsplashes, bathroom to living room to kitchen—and truly anywhere in between!

Natural Adaptability


Picking the Perfect Floor – Which One is Best for You?

Like any home improvement project, every decision you make must be weighed between three things: personal preference, practicality, and cost. When we ignore one of those over another, it is the precursor to design disaster. If you love the look of your floor choice, but it will not withstand the demands of your lifestyle or was beyond your budget, you will be unhappy in the long-run. If your floor is practical (it’s tough to get more practical than linoleum, for example), but it doesn’t give you the same aesthetic pleasure as a porcelain tile, marble, onyx, or ceramic tile, you’ll feel underwhelmed each time you enter the room, even if you stayed under your budget. Finally, if your budget is always the dominant factor, it will make instinctive choices about your preferences and honest decisions about how you will treat that floor all the more difficult. Each factor must indeed carry its own weight in the decision-making process.